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Thursday, April 19th 2018. | Statement Sample

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How to Complaint and Earn Cash, Gift Card, and Free Menu?

You all know that complaining can be bad for your life as you can hardly see something good in your life. Well, your friends or family may ever complaint you for being such a complaining person. Anyway, you can start to change your life by turning your hobbies into an achievement or even the money creator. Just like the article that you can find at mysubwaycard, you all can turn your hobby, even a bad hobby into an achievement.

Yes, including giving some complaints, you must see the good perspective of your habits. Mostly, the one who complaints a lot is the one who has a critical mind. Just like a professional debater, or even parliamentary members, you can also create your own career. In this case, you can try some of the best tricks that are:

  • Trick 1: Fill Out Customer Satisfaction Surveys

First of all, you guys can start to fill out some customer satisfaction surveys. Do you know that companies, restaurants, and even stores nowadays hold the survey program? For examples, you can fill out KFC survey, Food Lion survey, Murphy USA survey, and so on. Yes, at the survey programs, you are completely free to share your visit experience. No doubt, you can share your complaints, or you can write your suggestions, or you can also give the ratings to those companies. Usually, the survey program holders set some rewards for you such as free menu, gift card, discount coupons, and even cash. Wow! And if you want to get the collection of the surveys with amazing prizes, you can go to https://MySubwayCard.co.

  • Trick 2: Write Articles to Complaint

Second, you can also give a try to pour your complaints into writing. You know, writing can be the best way to pour your soul. Yes, it will be the best choice if you are not a vocal person. Yes, you can collect your article and keep writing until your skill becomes expert. If you are a good customer, you need to write properly. For example, you can mention the date you visit the store. And then, you can describe the situation of the store. And of course, you can also write a bit about the company. You know, you can also write a book about the collections of complaints that will inspire other people to speak up.

  • Trick 3: Create A YouTube Channel to Complaint

For you who are a vocal person, speaking can be your style of complaining. Well, you can keep doing it by creating a YouTube channel. You know, if you have a lot of subscribers, you will get money for every single advertisement clicked. Yes, you can speak a good opening like your name and your experience about your visit. Here, you need to ensure that you speak properly. Of course, even if you can complaint, it doesn’t mean that you can speak harshly. You know, you must pay attention to your manner, and your audience. Of course, you shouldn’t violate any rules, law, and so on.

  • Trick 4: Create A Website to Complaint

The last, as you have collected you articles, you can start to create a good website where you can complaint every day. You know, those people who are looking for company complaints and feedback are thousands. And, they may visit your website because they are interested in how you elaborate your experience. Yes, you can let your readers to understand your feeling. As the feedback, you can feel the same with your readers feeling who share their experience by giving some comments on your posts. And, believe it or not, you can get a lot of money from your website.

Overall, you guys have understood how to turn your complaints into money. Enjoy changing your perspective, your habits, and be smart in using the opportunities!

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